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Khotso Mokhele

Khotso Mokhele (63)

BSc (Agriculture), MSc (Food Science), PhD (Microbiology)

Khotso joined the AECI Board in 2016 and took up his position as Chairman a year later. He is also Chairman of the Nominations and Investment Committees and a member of the Risk and Remuneration Committees. Khotso is Chancellor of the University of the Free State, Chairman of Tiger Brands, Lead Independent Non-executive Director at Afrox, Independent Non-executive Director at the MTN Group and a Non-executive Director of Hans Merensky Holdings.

Graham Dempster

Fikile De Buck (58)

BA Economics and Accounting, FCCA

Fikile joined the AECI Board on 1 June 2019. She is an Independent Non-executive Director of Harmony Gold Mining Company, where she chairs the Audit and Risk Committee and is a member of the Social and Ethics, Remuneration and Nominations Committees. She also serves in a Non-executive capacity on the board of Mercedes Benz South Africa, where she chairs the Audit Committee and is a member of the Social and Ethics Committee.

Graham Dempster

Graham Dempster (63)

BCom, CA(SA), Harvard Business School AMP, INSEAD AMP

Graham was appointed to AECI’s Board in 2016. He is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and a member of the Audit, Investment and Nominations Committees. He also chairs the Water & Process, Plant & Animal Health, and Food & Beverage (Integrated Chemicals) Financial Review and Risk Committee (“FRRC”) that began its work in 2019. Graham is Chairman of Long4Life and Motus, as well as a Non-executive Director of Imperial Logistics, Sun International and Telkom.

He will leave the Board on 30 September 2019 and the Audit Committee on and with effect from the AGM of AECI ordinary shareholders, scheduled to be held on 29 May 2019.

Zellah Fuphe

Zellah Fuphe (50)

BSocialSc, Global Executive Development Programme (GIBS), Chartered Director (SA)

Zellah joined the AECI Board in 2007 and chairs the Social and Ethics Committee. She is Executive Director — Corporate Services at Dimension Data. She was previously an Executive at Plessey where she served as Managing Executive of Plessey Broadband Investments and Managing Director of Plessey South Africa for a number of years. Prior to this, Zellah served on the Boards of Afric Oil (Chair), Engen, where she also chaired the Social Ethics Committee, Phembani Coal (Chair) (previously Worldwide Coal Carolina), the Oceana Group, Phembani (previously Worldwide African Investment Holdings) and the Unisa School of Business Leadership.

Godfrey Gomwe

Godfrey Gomwe (63)

BAcc, MBL, CA(Z), CD(SA)

Godfrey joined the AECI Board in 2015. He is Chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Remuneration, Nominations and Investment Committees, as well as the Mining Solutions FRRC. Godfrey has extensive experience as an Executive in the metals and mining industries. At the time of his early retirement in 2014, he was Chief Executive of Anglo American Thermal Coal and was also responsible for Anglo American’s manganese interests in the joint venture with BHP Billiton. Godfrey is an Independent Non-executive Director of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and also serves on the Boards of a number of non-listed entities.

Jonathan Molapo

Jonathan Molapo (50)

BA (Economics)

Jonathan joined the AECI Board in 2018. He is Chief Executive Officer of Astron Energy, formerly Chevron South Africa. Jonathan has worked in the petrochemical sector for more than 20 years and previously served on the Executive Committees of both Total Africa Middle East and Puma Energy.

Allen Morgan

Allen Morgan (71)

BSc, BEng (Elect), Pr Eng, CD(SA)

Allen joined the AECI Board in 2010. H e i s C hairman o f t he Risk Committee, a member of the Audit, Investment and Social and Ethics Committees as well as Chairman of the Mining Solutions FRRC. Allen spent his working life at Eskom and served as that company’s Chief Executive from 1994 until his retirement in 2000. Other directorships include BioTherm Energy and Imalivest Assets.

Rams Ramashia

Rams Ramashia (61)

BIuris, LLB, LLM

Rams joined the AECI Board in 2010 and serves on the Social and Ethics, Risk, Nominations and Remuneration Committees. He is a member of the Board of Anglo American South Africa where he serves on the Risk and Audit Committee and chairs the Social and Ethics Committee. He is Non-executive Chairman of Rand Refinery and chairs that company’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee. In 2017 Rams was appointed to the board of the Mineworkers Investment Company where he serves on the Remuneration Committee. He is past Chairman of BP Southern Africa, SAPREF and the South African Petroleum Industry Association. Between 2000 and 2004 he was Director- General of the National Department of Labour and government Chief Negotiator at the National Economic Development and Labour Council. Rams is a practising advocate of the High Court and a member of the Pretoria Society of Advocates.

Philisiwe Sibiya

Philisiwe Sibiya (42)


Philisiwe (“Phili”) joined the AECI Board and the Audit Committee in 2018. She is also a member of the Integrated Chemicals FRRC. With almost 20 years of executive management experience in Africa, she is currently Chair and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of the Shingai Group, the investment holding company founded by her. After holding various senior financial roles, including that of Chief Financial Officer at MTN South Africa, Phili transitioned into the role of CEO at MTN Cameroon — the first female appointed into a CEO position by the MTN Group. Other directorships include Audit Committee Chair at MTN Zambia, Mascom Botswana and South Africa’s Chartered Accountants Medical Aid Fund.

Mark Dytor

Mark Dytor* (57)

HNDP (Metalliferous Mining), PMD (UCT)

Mark assumed his role as AECI’s Chief Executive in 2013. He was appointed to AECI’s Executive Committee in 2010 and to its Board in January 2013. Having joined Chemical Services Limited (“Chemserve”) as a Sales Representative in 1984, and after managing two Chemserve companies, Mark was appointed to Chemserve’s Executive Committee in 1998 and subsequently to its Board. He is Chairman of AEL.

Mark Kathan

Mark Kathan* (48)

CA(SA), AMP (Harvard)

Mark is AECI’s Financial Director and Chief Financial Officer, which positions he took up in 2008. Prior to joining AECI, he held a senior finance position at Nampak and served on that company’s Group Executive Committee. In addition to overall responsibility for the Finance and Treasury functions, and playing a leading role in M&A activities, Mark oversees AECI’s Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Legal and Secretariat, Internal Audit and IT functions as well as its Retirement Funds. He is Chairman of the Group’s offshore businesses, namely SANS Technical Fibers and Schirm.

Edwin Ludick

Edwin Ludick (54)

BCom (Hons)

Edwin is Managing Director of AEL and Chairman of Experse and Senmin, the other two businesses in the Mining Solutions pillar. He joined Chemserve as a Human Resources Manager in 1991 and went on to serve on that company’s Executive Committee and Board before joining AECI’s Executive Committee in 2010. Edwin has served as Managing Director at four companies in the Chemicals segment and as Chairman at other Group entities.

Dean Mulqueeny

Dean Mulqueeny (52)

NHD Analytical Chemistry, Global Executive Development Programme (GIBS)

Dean joined Chemserve as a Sales Representative in 1990 and held several sales positions before going on to serve as Managing Director of three Chemserve companies from 2004. He left the Group in 2011, returning in 2015 as a member of the AECI Chemicals Executive. He was appointed to the AECI Executive Committee in 2018. Dean is Chairman of a number of Group businesses.

Dean Murray

Dean Murray (50)

NDip Chemical Engineering, Global Executive Development Programme (GIBS)

Dean joined the Group as Managing Director of Chemiphos when Chemserve acquired that business in 2006 and, in 2007, he was appointed Managing Director of Lake International. Dean joined the AECI Chemicals Executive in 2013 and the AECI Executive Committee in 2018. He is Chairman of a number of Group businesses.

Dean Murray

Nomini Rapoo (55)

BCom (Law), UED, LLB, Admitted Attorney of the High Court, Certificate in Corporate Governance

Nomini joined AECI in 2011 as Group Company Secretary. In addition to her commercial and legal degrees, she has qualifications and extensive experience across a spectrum of disciplines including risk and compliance management, internal audit, legal services and corporate governance.

* Executive Director

Neil Franklin

Neil Franklin (50)

B-Tech (Safety Management)

Neil is AECI’s Group Safety, Health and Environment (“SHE”) Manager, appointed in 2017. He has extensive experience in SHE risk management in mining and petrochemical manufacturing across small and large operating sites globally.

Toni Serra

Toni Serra (56)


Toni is AECI’s Chief Information Officer with overall responsibility for managing IT operations, including the formulation and implementation of the Group’s IT strategy. He has extensive experience in the IT field, including that gained in his role as Chief Information Officer at Nampak.

Iwan Schutte

Iwan Schutte (47)


Iwan is the Group’s Internal Audit Manager. Prior to this position he was Divisional Internal Audit Manager responsible for the former Specialty Chemicals segment. He joined AECI in 2004.

Graham Thompson

Graham Thompson (43)


Graham is Group Financial Manager with overall responsibility for the Group’s finance and tax functions. He joined AECI in 2005 as Group Accountant.

Gugu Mthethwa

Gugu Mthethwa (59)

BSc Eng (Chem), MBA

Gugu is Group M&A Manager. She joined AECI in 2011. Her work experience includes various roles in the chemical processing and pulp manufacturing industries, as well as investment banking.

Trevor Starke

Trevor Starke (49)


Trevor is Group Treasurer with overall responsibility for treasury functions, Corporate Centre accounting, payroll and office management. He joined AECI in 1997 and worked in Group Accounting before moving to the Treasury in 1999.

Fulvia Putero

Fulvia Putero (56)

MA (Translation)

Fulvia is AECI’s Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Manager. A graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand, she joined the Group’s Publicity Department as a Junior Press Officer in 1986.