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Financial calendar

2008 final ordinary dividend No. 150  
Declaration date 23 February
Last date to trade cum dividend 8 April
Ex dividend trade 9 April
Record date 17 April
Payment date 20 April
5,5% preference shares dividend No. 142  
Declaration date 22 May
Last day to trade cum dividend 5 June
Ex dividend trade 8 June
Record date 12 June
Payment date 15 June
85th annual general meeting 25 May
2009 interim ordinary dividend No. 151  
Declaration date 27 July
Last day to trade cum dividend 4 September
Ex dividend trade 7 September
Record date 11 September
Payment date 14 September
2009 interim report released 28 July
5,5% preference shares dividend No. 143  
Declaration date 20 November
Last day to trade cum dividend 4 December
Ex dividend trade 7 December
Record date 11 December
Payment date 15 December
Financial year-end 31 December
2009 audited financial results released February 2010
2009 annual report posted March 2010