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In terms of a strategy formulated in 2007, AECI is investing about R2 billion in its future growth. Good progress was made in 2008 in the capital investment programme. Details of this progress, and some of the people directly involved, are highlighted in this annual report.Examples of value-adding excellence in customer service delivery are also given.

The case studies below are presented as illustrative examples.



While intended to be an accurate reproduction, this electronic report does not constitute the official version of AECI Limited's annual report to shareholders for the year ended 31 December 2008.


Chairman’s letter to shareholders

As highlighted in my letter to you last year, AECI has embarked on a number of strategic initiatives. As a result of these, the Group will enhance its core businesses’ future as providers of world class mining solutions and specialty chemicals to the mining and manufacturing sectors in South Africa, Africa and in other territories.

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