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Safety, health and environment (SHE)


The AECI Group is committed to a clean, safe and healthy environment for its employees, contractors, customers and surrounding communities.

The AECI executive committee, guided by the corporate citizenship committee, is responsible for the regular review of the Group safety, health and environmental policy, for the guidance of Group companies in its implementation, and for monitoring performance.


We require each Group company:

  • to adopt a safety, health and environmental policy that meets the needs of its businesses;
  • to hold line management accountable for the implementation of the safety, health and environmental policy;
  • to develop and maintain appropriate procedures to support the safety, health and environmental policy;
  • to manage safety, health and environmental risks in a manner that meets all the legal requirements of the countries in which it operates and accepted international criteria;
  • to be prepared for and to deal with any emergency;
  • to ensure that employees and contractors are trained effectively;
  • to maintain a record of safety, health and environmental information and to meet statutory record-keeping requirements; and
  • to audit its performance against its policy, standards and procedures and to report this regularly to the AECI executive committee.

Signature Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards
Chief executive
Woodmead, Sandton

23 February 2009

The well-being of AECI’s employees and contractors, customers and the community at large is of great importance. Furthermore, AECI sees it as essential that the Group protects the environment in which it operates.

AECI’s management of SHE-related issues is guided by a formal SHE policy, and performance is measured in the context of supporting SHE standards. The policy and standards are agreed to and approved by the Group chief executive. They are reviewed periodically, and most recently during 2008, by the corporate citizenship committee on behalf of the Board to ensure that they remain appropriate to AECI’s diverse businesses and changing operating environment.

At the beginning of each year, the chief executives of AECI’s businesses are required to submit a Letter of Assurance, with respect to SHE-related issues, to the Group chief executive. This, inter alia, provides confirmation that the particular business complies in all material respects with AECI’s SHE standards. In the event that such confirmation cannot be given, the Letter details the nature of the deviation and what will be done to correct the situation.

AECI comprises a broad spectrum of businesses. These range from large manufacturing plants producing chemicals and explosives, to small operations on customer sites providing application services, to property leasing and the development activities. Consequently, their SHE-related issues are very different. It is inevitable therefore, that a certain degree of generalisation occurs when commenting on such diverse activities within a single report.