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Safety, health and environment (SHE)

Causes of injuries and occupational illnesses (employees)

The circumstances that led to recorded occupational injuries and illnesses in 2008 were not dissimilar from those observed in previous years. The nature of much of the Group’s business involves dealing with potentially hazardous chemicals, including explosive, corrosive and toxic substances. Automated operations and protective systems can reduce risks to employees, but do not eliminate them. Automation is being implemented increasingly in the Group. Nevertheless, incidents arising from manual handling remain a significant issue, particularly in those companies with an ageing workforce. Injuries due to falling, usually linked to carelessness, remain a significant component of the incidents reported. The proportion of incidents related to moving machinery decreased compared with previous years.

It is pleasing to note that, for the first time in recent years, no recordable injuries arose as a result of road accidents on Company business.

    Employees   Contractors   Combined  
  AEL 0,75   0,91   0,77  
  Chemical Services 1,00   2,69   1,33  
  SANS Fibres 0,44   0,18   0,32  
  Property 1,45   0,49   0,68  
  AECI Group 0,83   1,07   0,89  

TRIR performance by AECI company

The number of occupational illnesses reported in 2008 declined. One employee was removed temporarily from the workplace due to high lead levels in his blood. Two employees were unable to continue with their normal work, due to occupational asthma. No cases of noise-induced hearing loss were reported.

    Serious   Moderate   Total  
  Thermal burns 5   3   8  
  Chemical exposure 3     3  
  Chemical burns 3   2   5  
  Injuries from falling 8   2   10  
  Injuries from moving machinery 4   2   6  
  Injuries from handling objects 10   8   18  
  Injuries from lifting objects   1   1  
  Other 5   4   9  
  Total 38   22   60  

Causes of injuries and occupational illnesses (employees)

Occupational illness rate - employees